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Welcome to Pacificly Savanna – Expert in Dried Sea Cucumber

We are in the processing and wholesale of Sea Cucumber with products directly from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Turkey, and various regions in North America and South America.

100% Natural, Dried or Frozen Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw & Fish Tripe from North and South Americas, such as Canada, United States, Mexico & Turkey.

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Sea Cucumber

Existed more than 600 million years ago on earth, sea cucumber lives in the ocean shore to 8000 meters on the seabed rock or between seaweed. sea cucumber lives on seaweed algae and plankton for food. Sea cucumber with ginseng, bird’s nest, shark’s fin, etc, is considered one of the world’s eight food treasures. Sea cucumber is not only a precious food, but also valuable medicine. The Chinese ancients praised the sea cucumber: “Ginseng in the mountain, sea cucumber in the sea”.
The nutritional value of sea cucumber is high – per 100g of sea cucumber contains 14.9 grams of protein, fat 0.9 grams, carbohydrate 0.4 grams, calcium 357 mg, phosphorus 12 mg, iron 2.4 mg, and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin and so on.

Sea cucumber contains low cholesterol, fat content is relatively small, is a typical high protein, low fat, low cholesterol food. High blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hepatitis and other patients and the elderly will benefit with sea cucumber as consistent part of diet. Sea cucumber contains chondroitin sulfate, contribute to the growth and development of the human body, can delay muscle aging, enhance the body’s immunity. Sea cucumber contains element called Vanadium, highest amongst a variety of food, can participate in the iron transport of blood, enhancing hematopoietic function.

Fresh Sea Cucumber

Most of the living sea cucumber is colloidal, and the nutrient is surrounded by glial and is not easily absorbed by the human body.

Dried Sea Cucumber

Through traditional method and natural processing, nutrient can easily be absorbed by human body.